We are a catering service company based in Austin, Texas and believe great food starts with simple, and good quality ingredients, crafted with love.


We make our meals from scratch with fresh, and locally-sourced ingredients when available. From casual to fine dining, we craft each meal with the client in mind…and our passion comes through in each dish!

Core Values

Quality & Consistency are Our Priority

We are passionate about our culinary creativity and we continue to improve to deliver unique experiences for our clients. We are also committed to giving our clients the taste and quality that keeps them coming back.

Excellent Customer Service

Our company thrives on word-of-mouth from our clients. That is a testament to our building lasting relationships with our clients through our excellent customer service. With us, it is not just a transaction, it is a delightful experience!

Enhance Sustainability

We strongly believe you are what you eat. Hence, we source our ingredients carefully and use locally-sourced ingredients, when available, to sustain good agricultural practices. 

Meet our Chef...

Unlocking a Dream fueled by Passion

Chef Abby is the chef and owner of Ladi's Catering. Her love for food had been evident from early childhood in Nigeria, when she would always stay glued to her favorite cooking TV show - "Maggie Kitchen" by Mrs Funmi Adeoye. She would subsequently replicate what she learned the moment she was old enough and allowed to cook in the kitchen.

She is an alumni of L'Academie de Cuisine (class 2017 - Gaithersburg, MD), with a top-in-class honor. As part of her culinary program, she completed a comprehensive apprenticeship at the Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, VA. At the resort, she worked the line across multiple stations making dishes for guests, including VIPs, at the fine dining and casual dining restaurants of the resort.

She later worked at high-end and casual cafeterias to better understand the office catering aspect of the culinary industry. One of her accomplishments during this time was managing a Vegan station, where she planned and created meals for clients with diverse dietary needs and significantly improved sales at the station.

Ladi's Catering started operations in 2019. Chef Abby uses this platform to passionately develop amazing flavors and make food experiential for her clients!



At Ladi's, we are community conscious and strongly believe in giving back to our community, in our own little way. We look forward to expanding our reach as we grow.

Soup & Ladle


Since 2009, Chef Abby has volunteered her culinary skills to plan-prepare-serve meals for residents at the homeless shelter.



Chef Abby inspires young minds by volunteering in her local community to offer culinary classes to curious young minds, like she once was.

Chicken Curry


One of our goals at Ladi's is to reduce food waste. One of the ways we accomplish this is to donate excess food, at the end of each day’s production, to our local community shelter/hunger resource center.